Baumalu Copper Cookware Reviews 2022

Baumalu Copper cookware has gained a lot of traction in the last couple of years. If you are wondering why it is simply because such cookware is better than the rest! If you are a copper cookware fanatic, you have most likely heard of Baumalu! Folks hold them in very high regard as their copper cookware products are in a league of their own!

Be sure to read as many Baumalu copper cookware reviews as possible to gain better insight into why this French brand has made such a name for itself.

The good news for you is that you have come to the right place if you are in the market for copper cookware that boasts substance as well as style. The following are undeniably the most prominent Baumalu copper cookware pieces that you can buy in 2022.

Baumalu Copper Cookware

Baumalu Copper Cookware Reviews

Baumalu Copper Frying Pan

When it comes to copper frying pans, the Baumalu copper pan is without a doubt the leader of the pack! That is precisely why you will find this particular piece of cookware in almost every other kitchen space!

Since copper is an excellent conductor of heat, this frying pan can heat your edibles very quickly and evenly. In addition, the pan has a cast iron handle that you can grip easily for longer periods of time. It also does not heat up too quickly so you may hold it comfortably without worrying that it will burn your hand!

Moreover, the Baumalu copper frying pan is highly durable and the manufacturers have designed it to ensure it will last a very long time. It looks very stylish and elegant as well and you can rest assured it will blend seamlessly in any kind of kitchen.

What’s more, Baumalu copper pans are quite versatile and 100 percent compatible with various cooktops that include glass, ceramic, coil, electric and halogen. Whether you want to sear steaks, cook vegetables or fry an egg, you are not likely to find a more efficient utensil for the task than the Baumalu copper saucepan. Reputed cooks around the world use this pan in their kitchen and regard this cookware very highly. Baumalu cast iron cookware.

  • Cheaper than most of the other copper frying pans in the market
  • Highly durable and reliable cookware
  • Heat conductivity is very remarkable
  • You cannot use the Baumalu copper frying pan with induction cooktops

Baumalu Copper Saucepot

If you wish to make the most use out of a particular cookware piece, the Baumalu Copper saucepot is the ideal utensil for you.

This French-made saucepot features a stainless-steel thin lining along with a copper body that assists in conducting and distributing heat very evenly. As a result, that provides you greater control over your cooking than normal. In addition, you can use the Baumalu copper saucepot efficiently for all kinds of food items.

It also boasts a handle made out of stainless steel that looks aesthetically appealing and remains cool regardless of the temperature. The pot’s handle has been ergonomically designed for a more comfortable grip.

If any food sticks to the bottom, you can scrape it off very easily without any issue. In other words, the utensil is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe as well.

Another striking feature of this saucepot is that is remarkably durable and you can rest assured that it will be resistant to any kinds of scratches or dents. In fact, according to most users, the copper saucepot will last will for several years before you might require a replacement.

  • Easy to clean
  • The saucepot is lightweight and easy to carry around without much difficultly
  • Striking to look at
  • Slightly more expensive than other copper sauce pots available in the market

Baumalu Cookware Mini Tinned Copper Stew Pot Baumalu Copper Pot

This Baumalu Copper pot that has a 20 cm diameter is an excellent kitchen utensil and one of the more popular cooking pots on the market. If you seek an efficient copper pot that has a significant holding capacity, look no further than this Baumalu model! 

This particular copper pot boasts a considerable volume that you can use to accommodate several food items at the same time. For instance, you can easily cook many different vegetables such as rogout and roasts meat inside this copper stew pot.

Another appealing aspect of Baumalu copper pots is the cast-iron handles on either side of the utensil. These handles have a very firm build and help you to hold the copper pot easily for an extended time if you want.

In addition, the copper element ensures efficient conductivity of heat and you can expect your food to be cooked evenly inside the pot. Also, this Baumalu pot features a protective tin lining enabling the user to use the food with all types of acidic foods without any issue.

This Baumalu copper pot is a great option for you if you are looking for a fine, reliable and spacious copper pot that can easily last you a lifetime. All Baumalu copper reviews feature this particular pot.

  • Sufficient volume inside to make cooking easy
  • Durable build
  • Iron handles are easy to grip
  • Currently no Cons.

Features you should look out for when Purchasing Baumalu Copper Cookware

As established above, you are not likely to find more reliable kitchen utensils than utensils than Baumalu Copper cookware set. That said, there are certain important features you need to look out for when choosing this copper cookware. Taking these features into consideration makes sure that your copper cookware is not lacking in any way.

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Weight and Thickness

There is no doubt that thickness is a very critical feature you have to consider when you select Baumalu copper cookware. A thin copper pan or pot is indeed more likely to bend and that is something you do not want.

On the flip side, a thick construction of the Baumalu copper pot or pan will sit flatly and firmly on your stove top and will endure much longer with minimal dents. If you buy any Baumalu copper cookware piece online, ensure that the thickness of the metal is clearly stated. It is recommended that you opt for a thickness that lies between 2.5 mm-3 mm.


When buying a Baumalu copper pot or pan, consider cookware handles that have been manufactured for easy-to-wield, cool-touch functionality. Contoured iron or stainless-steel handles are a splendid option since they provide greater control, and are very striking to look at! Such handles also have heat-barring features that ensure you can hold them easily without burning your hand. 

Inner Lining

When you select a Baumalu copper cookware set, it is imperative that you buy the one that features a solid lining such as tin. It is not likely that you may come across copper cookware that is not lined. However, it is in your best interests to be absolutely certain!

In case you did not know already, tin lining is a very good liner for copper utensils since it is not as sticky as other metals, and it releases edibles quite efficiently. Moreover, a positive feature of tin is its non-toxic and non-reactive nature. You can rest easy that it will not seep chemicals and metals into your meal.


What is Baumalu?

Baumalu is a French brand that is popular for its copper cookware. Ever since starting their operations in 1971, they have been manufacturing high-quality and reliable copper cookware pieces and sets. Today, Baumalu has a strong reputation in the kitchen utensil market and for good reason! According to several users, they make the best French copper cookware.

Baumalu copper cookware is ideal for what types of food?

Copper is a highly conductive and naturally occurring metal that is extremely responsive to changes in heat. You might be surprised to know that it is 2 times as conductive as the metal aluminum and about 8 times more conductive than steel.
This level of conductivity and responsiveness makes Baumalu copper cookware ideal for cooking certain foods that need exact temperature control and steady heat such as a quick simmer and high sear.

Is copper cookware completely safe?

Yes, copper cookware is safe to use if you use it properly. Copper tends to react with foods that are acidic and require meticulous care when you are cooking something. This care makes sure that the lining does not get destroyed. It would be unwise to chip or scrape your copper pan or pot’s inside part as that would expose the copper present underneath. Once exposed, the copper might adversely react with your food. Hence, being careful is very important when you are cooking with copper cookware.

Bottom Line

To summarize, Baumalu copper cookware is your best bet if you seek a copper pan or a pot, then Baumalu copper cookware is your best bet. Their utensils are efficient, durable, scratch-resistant, elegant to look and tick all the other important boxes. In addition, Baumalu copper cookware is cheaper than other famous copper utensil manufacturers such as Mauviel. Therefore, when it comes to baumalu vs mauviel, the former has a slight edge!

Also, regardless of which Baumalu cast iron cookware or copper cookware piece you buy, make sure you consider the aforementioned features first. When you do your due diligence, you are sure to go home with cookware that will last you a lifetime!

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