5 Best Grill Pan of 2022 | Must Know Before Buy

Are you looking for best grill pan and confused to buy best one? Here definitely you will get best answer after reading grill pan reviews. You would be surprised to know that a cast iron grill pan is one of those few appliances in the kitchen that can do just about anything! Whether you wish to sear your steak, deep-fry your chicken, or even bake your cornbread recipe, the best grill pans have you well and truly covered!

Cast iron grill pans worth their salt are also ultra-durable and can effectively stand up to the dents, nicks, and scratches one may usually find with other kinds of pans. Owing to their high durability, people commonly use them in residential and commercial kitchens. Just imagine- popular chefs around the world have spoken highly about this particular kitchen item!

The good news for you is that you have come to just the right place if you are on the hunt for the best Grill Pan that you can add to your kitchen arsenal. Read on if you are in the market for this ever-important kitchen essential.

best grill pan of 2021 review

Best Grill Pan to Buy in 2021

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

Lodge’s 10.25 inches cast iron grill pan is a terrific product that is much better than most of its competition. One of the best and most useful features of this Lodge Grill Pan is that it comes equipped with an assist handle apart from its standard handle. The extra handle allows for better control. Also, this cast iron pan provides unparalleled retention of heat and evenly distributed heating.

Moreover, this pan is synonymous with high versatility, and you can use it efficiently for baking, searing, broiling, frying, braising, or grilling. You do not have to buy different saucepans for all of these things. How convenient is that? You can also use this Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan on the stove, in the oven, over a campfire, or on the grill itself. Above everything else, it comes pre-seasoned (in its packaging) with 100 percent vegetable oil.

  • Fantastic Quality and Durability
  • Special Induction grill pan
  • Perfect for induction cook tops
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Perfect Grill Pan for Vegetables as well
  • Giftable and easy to clean
  • Food tends to stick on the pan’s cooking surface occasionally

Calphalon Cast Iron Grill Pan (10 inches)

The Calphalon Cast Iron Square Grill Pan (10 inches) is a superb cooking appliance that you can use to cook and grill your food.  It is perfect for slow and traditional cooking, and you may use it for cooking your ingredients consistently and steadily. That helps your food to retain heat for much longer.

One of the most appealing things about this pan is that its manufacturers have made it from very durable cast iron, which can firmly withstand any heavy usage. That is why, it is in our top best grill pans list. Furthermore, this square-shaped grill pan is oven safe and allows you to sear any meat product on the stovetop and then shift it to the oven to wrap up your cooking.

Moreover, this superior Calphalon Cast Iron Grill Pans is exceedingly versatile. It works perfectly with gas, electric ring, electric, halogen, induction, and glass stove top grill pan. You can also safely use this kitchen appliance with metal, wooden, nylon, or coated utensils.

  • Manufacturers offer an impressive lifetime warranty with this pan
  • Oversized handles enable easy lifting
  • Perfect for cooking for the large family.
  • Easy to use and wash able.
  • Some users have complained that this Calphalon Cast Iron Grill Pan tends to rust quickly

Cuisinart Classic Enameled Cast Iron Grill Pan

If you are looking for a top-quality Enameled Cast iron grill pan, then the Cuisinart Classic Enameled pan is an excellent choice! When you buy one, there is no need to do any seasoning, which is a huge advantage of this appliance. The interior made of porcelain enamel does not need seasoning, and you can rest assured it will not absorb odors or impart flavors. Hence, you will be able to enjoy a pure taste of the food you are grilling along with any other ingredients.

Both the interior and the porcelain exterior of this cast iron pan is extremely strong and durable. You have the flexibility to use this enameled cast iron pan with gas, oven, stovetop, and broiler. Regardless of which source of heat you utilize, the cast iron pan evenly distributes heat in all directions. It ensures your food is properly cooked.

Moreover, this grill pan handle’s width and length provide a very secure and comfortable grip to flip and cook your ingredients easily.

  • It does not need any seasoning
  • This cast iron grill pan is easy to clean
  • Economical to purchase
  • Perfect for cooking
  • It have oven safe knob and have durable grip
  • It is not ideal to use this pan on open flames or a campfire

Cuisinel Grill Pan with Silicone Handle Grips:

This cuisinel grill Pan is gaining popularity among cooking appliance, and one of the best grill pans you can purchase in 2021. It comes pre-seasoned and is ready for immediate use, which is a big plus for you if you are an impatient person! The pan also has fantastic heat retention and can effectively hold heat for a long period.

Its silicon handle grips keeps enjoyable cooking and safe to avoid hot surface so you can use it easily on the stovetop, campfire, or BBQ. The cuisinel Grill Pan features integrated pour spouts. That allows easy drainage of grease and oil. Moreover, this pan has very wide handles that enable you to grip it securely and in a balanced manner. It will be your best grill pan for induction cooktop and gas stove.

  • Pre-seasoned
  • Pan boasts a very balanced handle that you can grip easily for a long period if you want
  • Silicone handle grips
  • The heat retention feature is excellent
  • This Cuisinel Grill Pan is little bit heavy.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan With Assist Handle

If you are looking for best grill pan at minimum price, here is your search result. This is an another product from lodge store and in our list due to most selling product. This is high durability product in reasonable price. A perfect choice to use on all cooking surfaces , campfires,  grills and safe for oven and also best grill pan for gas stove. 

This American-made cast iron cookware have multiple features and very easy to clean and use. Simply it have great heat distribution and enhance flavor of outdoor BBQ. This square grill pan is perfect for cooking steak, bacon and much more.

It is safe for induction cooktop but weighs 6.5 pounds, need to be care while using on induction cooktop.

  • Inexpensive and high durability
  • Unparalleled in heat retention
  • Heavy duty and easy to clean
  • Grill pan works perfect with Vegetables
  • This is good product and lasts decades if used with care.

best grill pan


There is no denying that a best grill pan is the true powerhouse of all equipment present in a kitchen. That said, buying one is quite a serious investment! It is in your best interests to conduct your thorough research and go through the features, pros, and cons of each model you consider. That would allow you to select a pan that can fulfill all your needs and last a long time.

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How should you clean a cast iron grill pan?

If you have an enameled cast iron grill pan, you should know that it does not require special care. However, it would be best if you treated uncoated cast iron with particular attention. Be sure to scrape out any cooked-on food pieces carefully. Boiling water in the pan will help to loosen these food bits so you can scrape easily. The next step is to utilize a scrubber or a stiff-bristled brush to thoroughly scrub the cast iron grill pan with hot water and mild soap. This mild soap will make sure that you efficiently remove all grease from the pan instead of the seasoning. Ensure to thoroughly dry and next wipe on a thin oil layer to avoid any rusting during storage.

Which is the best cast iron grill pan?

The best cast iron pan is the one that allows for better cooking, boasts excellent heat conduction (heat evenly distributes across the cooking surface), and has a natural nonstick ability. A quality cast iron grill pan that ticks all the boxes is perfect for grilling vegetables, chicken, pork, beef, fish, and additional ingredients with less water content.

How can you keep food from sticking?

At first, you may possibly feel that your cast iron pan sticks with different foods. However, you should know that this happens when you do not correctly season the cooking surface. You need to follow an appropriate seasoning method for the first couple of times you use the pan, and then it will develop a normal patina. This patina functions as a nonstick surface that avoids food sticking.  Gradually, the patina will become smoother, and you can cook food in minimal oil very easily.

How does the pan perform with vegetables?

You can easily grill several kinds of vegetables in cast iron grill pans. The most common vegetables that people usually grill on these pans typically include the ones that go fine with steaks like carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini, and so forth.

Does cast iron grill pan work for gas stove?

One of the best things about cast iron grill pans is that they work just fine with any gas stove. That said, you should ensure that the pan occupies the perfect amount of space on the stove. For instance, if you would like to go camping and bring your cast iron grill pan along with you, it is important to make sure that it perfectly fits your camp stove.

Where should I buy a cast iron grill pan?

To ensure you buy a best cast iron grill pan with the best possible quality, you might want to consider buying one from a reputable brand with a strong reputation for manufacturing such pans. Some of these brands include Lodge, Finex, and Camp Chef and their grill pans are easily available online on Amazon.

What size cast iron skillet should I buy?

Cooking experts highly recommend a 12-in deep skillet if you have a large amount of food to cook for your family members. 12 inches is an ideal size if you are cooking a complete meal for 2 or more individuals. An 8-in grill pan might prove to be considerably small in most instances. You may also find cast iron deep skillets that are bigger than 12 in. However, this size is very rarely available in the market.



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