How to Cook Bacon in A Slow Cooker

We have heard that people eat to stay alive; however, in some cases, people live to eat food, and such people are real foodies. And when it comes to food, foodies love to explore new recipes and new cooking methods. But, on the other hand, some people on this planet have a love-hate relationship with food. They love to eat, but at the same time, they are worried that eating a lot could be harmful. This how to cook Bacon in a Slow Cooker will help you.

Like this love-hate relationship, we can say that bacon lovers are in this complicated relationship where they want to taste the crunchiness, but they also seem stressed about the harms of processed meat and fat. However, we can find various ways to cook bacon healthy in which how to cook bacon in a slow cooker is considered one of the best ways.

How to Cook Bacon in a Slow Cooker

This method is the most demanded because meat lovers often get worried when they don’t find a bacon cooker at home; their cravings for crisp bacon double up. Well, this is no more a problem because bacon can be cooked without a cooker. Following are some ways to cook your desired crispy and tasty bacon at home:

Method 1: Cooking kalua pig

One of the most wanted delightful and tasty snacks for afternoon and breakfast is the kalua pig that can be cooked without a bacon cooker. All you require is:

· Pork butt roast bone (2 kg)

· Bacon (Three thin slices)

· Fine sea raw salt (1-1.5 tablespoon)

· Garlic (Optional)

How to cook bacon using method 1?

First of all, take the slow cooker and put three thin bacon slices in it. Then add the fine sea raw salt according to the quantity of meat. Now, if you have garlic cloves, then add them by slitting cuts into the meat. After that, put the roast in the cooker and leave it for 16 hours or let it cook for a night.

Remember, when the bacon is completely cooked, you will enjoy a piece of tasty and crunchy bacon, and one thing is the guarantee that it will be more worthy than the one cooked faster.

Method 2: Cheesy Bacon

What a classic combination for foodie’s cheese and bacon at the same time. And it can be imagined how amazing their fusion will be “the cheesy bacon”, which is absolutely perfect for breakfast. The aroma of cheesy bacon spreads my love for tasty food. Let’s find out how it can be cooked in a slow cooker:

  • Three bacon slices (Normal Size)
  • Hash brown potatoes (6 ounces)
  • Boneless chicken breasts (small cubes)
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Salt and pepper as required

How to cook bacon using method 2?

Let’s get a pot and put some olive oil in it. Place the three bacon slices in it. Make sure to keep the temperature of the stove medium and do not change until it gets crunchy. Then garnish the bottom of the bacon with frozen hash brown potatoes; also add the shredded cheese.

Further, you have to add a chicken layer with a little cheese over it and add the remaining frozen potatoes. Again you have to add a cheese layer over it.

Finally, pour milk all over it and add the amount of salt and pepper you like. Now lastly, wait for approximately four hours. After four hours, you will get the opportunity to tantalize your taste buds with the delicious cheesy bacon.

Method 3: Bacon Potato Chowder

Like bacon, potatoes are everyone’s favorite; no matter if they are in the form of fries or mashed potatoes, they are just love. In this article, we have a wonderful and mouthwatering fusion of bacon and potato that requires:

· Bacon (three or four slices)

· Chicken broth (Three cups)

· Onion (chopped form)

· Cornstarch (two or three tbsp.)

· Frozen whole kernel corn

· Small red potatoes (1/2 kilo and cut into cubes)

· Salt as required

How to cook bacon using method 3?

Get a crockpot and sprinkle olive oil all over it; then put the bacon in the crockpot. Let them cook at a medium temperature on the stovetop. Now at once, add the onion, potato, corn and broth and mix them thoroughly. Add salt as much you want. Put the lid over the cooker and wait for approximately five to six hours. In the end, serve the dish warm and nicely placed in a dish.

Method 4: Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

Imagine a world where you find a cheeseburger filled with bacon; definitely, you cannot resist the amazing taste, and you just want to eat it. The good news for Bacon Cheeseburger Dip lovers is that they can make it at home whenever they want. So let’s get some:

· Bacon (Six slices)

· Lean ground beef

· Cream cheese (cube shaped-six ounces)

· American shredded cheese

· Chopped parsley (2 tbsp.)

· Red bell pepper

· Tortilla 

How to cook bacon using method 4?

On medium-high heat, heat the bacon until it gets crispy. In another cooking pot, heat the ground hamburger for around 6 minutes. Now add the shredded cheese. Next, you have to add tomatoes and bacon to the crockpot.

Let’s fry for a while and wait for the cheese to get soften. Finally, after two to three hours, your bacon cheeseburger dip will be ready. For your taste, you can sprinkle extra cheddar and bacon on it. You can also have fries as a side dish.

The Bottom Line

Individuals who love bacon guarantee that eating bacon is a solid decision. But, we often think that cooking bacon is not an easy job but trust me, it is not that tricky as we think. Since it is rich in fat and every ounce of bacon contains 25 milligrams of cholesterol, we can have this in our diet.

Thus, all you need to know is bacon recipes, and then you can cook it without a bacon cooker or with a bacon cooker. Here you may want to check or find out best bacon grease container to ease in your daily kitchen.

In this article on how to Cook Bacon in a Slow Cooker, we have added enough information to cook bacon; if you do not have a bacon cooker, just read and follow the instructions carefully.


Can you cook bacon in a crock pot?

Yes, it can be cooked very well in the crockpot but it should be looked after properly because if the bacon will be overcooked, then the meat will be dry out and it’s not healthy.

How long time bacon takes in the slow cooker?

It depends on the recipe, some bacon recipes takes more than 16 hours and some even take three to four hours. So, there is no fixed time to cook bacon in a slow cooker.

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