How to Fix A Spray Bottle

This is ultimate solution on how to fix a spray bottle. Every time you go shopping for your households, buying spray bottles is necessary because one can’t last any longer for more than ten days or sometimes even less than ten days. As we know, spray bottles are one of the house’s basic essential items because they are used in cleaning products.

Sometimes you have to put many liquids sprays in it, even though these bottles are used in everyday life like hairspray bottles, deodorants, and many sprays. Thus, the daily use of these spray bottles makes it quite obvious how important they are.

So next time, if you find out that your spray bottle is not working or having some nozzle issues, you do not need to worry because we have listed some of the best solutions to solve all your problems with the spray bottles.

After that, you can reuse all your spray bottles for whatever purpose you want to use.

Mechanism of the Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are simple machines designed based on a simple system. The system is named a pump mechanism in which a piston and nozzle are involved. The piston is attached with the type and the nozzle, so when you put pressure on the trigger to pull in, the piston moves upward. In reaction, the liquid from the bottle comes out through the nozzle.

At the same time, on releasing the triggered button, the liquid goes back because a vacuum is created.

How to Fix a Spray Bottle

So the wait is over; following are the ways to fix your damaged spray bottles, but before this, let’s find out the fundamental reasons why a spray bottle won’t work, from cylinder seals to an impeded spout so you can fix it effectively and rapidly to save your money.

Issues with the Spray Bottle

If your spray bottle has stopped working, it could be many issues likewise; maybe the nozzle is temporarily blocked, or in severe cases, the seal of the piston could possibly be broken. Lastly, the tube of the liquid might be away from the liquid.

So there are some ways to find out which issue has occurred:

Problem 1: To identify the problem, take a look thoroughly; if you feel that there is no pressure on the spray bottle’s trigger, and then the problem is definitely with the seal of the nozzle.

Solution: To open the seal of the nozzle, make sure to confirm whether the nozzle is in the open position. This problem is undeniable because sometimes, the nozzle accidentally gets closed. 

Problem 2: Secondly, if the tube and liquid are not touching each other, then the problem is with the length of the liquid tube. 

Solution: In that case, you can get a new tube from the home improvements shop selling plastic tubes. These tubes can be utilized by cutting them to the suitable length you want.

Problem 3: Furthermore, if the tube of the spray bottle is contacting with the liquid, and there is pressure while applying the trigger, and in this situation, the trigger of the bottle might feel challenging to squeeze, then, at that point, you have an obstructed system.

Solution: On the off chance that it’s open, as yet not splashing, unscrew the spout head from the shower bottle. Presently top off your sink with some lukewarm water. And pull the trigger in the heated water, so you get the water into the shower bottle. This should clear any cleaning fluids that might, in any case, be in there.

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The Bottom Line

Almost all spray bottles cause problems; sometimes, it becomes very annoying to face such issues. So by checking the minor details of the spray bottle, try to find out the problem and then look for the solution. In that case, the above article is a great help.


How to fix the spray bottle pump mechanism? 

There are many reasons that disturb the pump mechanism of spray bottles. As these bottles come with filters; so try to clean the clogged filter. However, if the filter is completely damaged, get a new one.

How to fix a broken spray bottle? 

 If the sprayer bottle is entirely broke, try to get a sprayer lid of another that is the same size as your bottle. The next step is to get the nozzle out of the broken bottle. After that, carefully transfer all the liquid to your atomizer.

How to fix a spray bottle that won’t spray? 

Sometimes many deodorants and hairspray bottles stop working; the issue might be with the nozzle or the cap, so if it’s with the nozzle, try to clear the nozzle. On the other hand, remove the lid and put it under hot flaming water or dip it in the vinegar for few minutes. Lastly, use a pin to clear the blockage in the nozzle.

Why do spray bottles stop working?

Spray bottles often stop working due to the broken seal, nozzle blockage, or the piston is not thoroughly immersed in the liquid.

How to prime a spray bottle?

If not, unscrew and remove the bottle lid and place it under heated running water or drench it in vinegar, then, at that point, utilize a pin to punch a hole in the nozzle to unblock the seal. However, if the spray bottle is filled with hairspray, use alcohol instead of vinegar to get the desired results.

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